Sources for the Apache Abdera project are currently managed through Subversion (SVN).

Web access to Subversion

If you just want to browse the source code, you can use the web interface to Subversion.

Normal Subversion Access

Anyone can check code out of Subversion. You only need to specify a username and password in order to update the Subversion repository but only Abdera committers have the permissions to do that.

Check out from Subversion

You can use the command line in order to check out the current version of Abdera code:

svn checkout

Commit Changes to Subversion

Any Abdera committer should have access to the abdera repository at If not please write a mail to

Please make sure that you used a secure connection for checkout (or use relocate):

svn checkout

Committing changes:

svn commit

If Subversion can't figure out your username, you can tell it explicitly:

svn --username you commit

Subversion will prompt you for a password, and once you enter it once, it will remember it for you.

Building with Ant

export ABDERA_SPRING=true
ant -f build/build.xml zips

Set ABDERA_XMLSECURITY to true to build the security module.
Set ABDERA_SPRING to true to build the spring module.

Building with Maven

Building with Maven requires Maven 2.0.8 and should be as simple as:

$ cd abdera
$ mvn install

To build the distribution, include the deploy profile:

$ mvn install -Pdeploy
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