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ActiveMQ now supports a RESTful API to the message broker allowing any web capable device to publish and consume messages.

We also support Ajax which are a JavaScript mechanism, working with the REST API to provide publish/subscribe based web applications, using the full power of a MOM from inside any web browser.

We've now 2 demos of using Streamlets in CVS now (a real time stock portfolio and a chat application) along with a simple HTML forms only demo.

Unfortunately right now there's a bug in the IE JavaScript when using Streamlets so things don't work yet on IE but things work fine on Firefox, Mozilla and Safari. We should have the IE issue fixed real soon.

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  1. Unknown User (smliu)

    Please take a look at this
    to see if it helps with the problem of using Streamlets in the IE

  2. Thanks for the link Patrick! I tried using similar methods to this articles - which I'm sure will improve IE support. Though unfortunately it doesn't fix the bug in IE. It looks like something to do with re-creating the XmlHttp object. Will have to investigate further...