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Inactive Destination

An 'inactive' destination is one that has had no messages pending and no consumers connected for some configured period of time.
By default the broker does not check for inactive destinations. This as governed by the default values for the following options: schedulePeriodForDestinationPurge="0" and gcInactiveDestinations="false".

However, the broker can be configured to purge inactive destinations. To do so requires using specially configured destination policy entries in combination with the broker attribute: schedulePeriodForDestinationPurge > 0.


<broker xmlns="" schedulePeriodForDestinationPurge="10000">

           <policyEntry queue=">" gcInactiveDestinations="true" inactiveTimoutBeforeGC="30000"/>

In this example the broker will check for inactive destinations every 10 seconds, as determined by schedulePeriodForDestinationPurge="10000". When a destination purge is triggered the broker will delete any queue that has been empty for longer than inactiveTimoutBeforeGC="30000" milliseconds (default: 60000 milliseconds) and for which gcInactiveDestinations="true" is set on its corresponding destination policy entry.

When a destination is removed the broker will log a message like:

INFO  Queue                          - TEST.QUEUE Inactive for longer than 30000 ms - removing ...



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