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How can I monitor ActiveMQ

Starting with ActiveMQ 5.8.0 Jolokia is bundled which provides a RESTful interface to ActiveMQ's JMX capabilities. An open source third party tool that connects via Jolokia is, an HTML-5 web console with an ActiveMQ plugin that is at least worth being familiar with as ActiveMQ and share developers.

In ActiveMQ 4.x you can monitor the broker to see what destinations are being used, their activity along with connections and subscriptions using the following tools

Third Party Tools

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  1. - Verified setting the useJmx variable is still valid

    - Verified that the ActiveMQ MBeans Reference is still updated.

    - Regarding the last statement, command line utilities are now available. Maybe there is no need for the last statement, unless it is going to refer to the wiki page of the command line utilities, which I think is still unavailable.