Apache Airavata

Create a Gateway Account

  1. In Django portal use Create account option to create a local gateway account or to use existing institute login to get gateway access.
  2. Once your account is added to an active user group, you can use 'Log In' and log in to the gateway.

Log in to the Gateway

  1. The ‘Workspace’ is the default home page or the landing page when you log in.

  2. In the 'Workspace' You would see applications available for you, your favorites on top and recent experiments you ran o right.
  3. Click on your application: Gaussian16
  4. Most of the information will be filled for you by default with the option to change. You may need to select where you want to run (Comet) in case the application is deployed in multiple places.
  5. Remember to provide input files required for the application.

  6. Save & Launch.
  7. As soon as you 'Save and Launch' you will be in the Experiment Summary page, with your experiment statuses auto changing and then it will also show your job details (from comet) and statuses.

  8. In Experiment Summary page, you can Share, Clone and/or Cancel the experiment.
  9. Once the job is completed in Comet cluster, the job statuses will get updated and the output files of the computation will be made available for user to download.
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