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This page describes a proposed Airflow Improvement Proposal (AIP) process for proposing a major change to Airflow.

Create new AIP

To create your own AIP, click on Create AIP. If you don't have permission, please send an email with your Wiki ID to and request permission

Completed AIPs

Accepted AIPs

AIPs which have been voted on and accepted for inclusion in Airflow, but not yet (fully) implemented.

AIPs under discussion

Abandoned AIPs

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  1. If you create the API form the button it should add the template automatically. (I thought)

    We'll work "acceptance" process when our first AIP is voted on and accepted (wink)

    1. Ah, the template was missing the draft label. It has it now.

    2. Great stuff here, I really like this AIP process, I don't have the karma to make edits to these pages but we have a similar process internally and the page properties macro is awesome for this:, I'd be happy to make an edit here to demo how using this macro would look, I think if you read the link it'll make a lot of sense how the macro would work here

  2. Since AIP-12 Persist DAG into DB has been abandoned, maybe create an abandoned section and move it there?