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The Airflow documentation is located at:

The documentation for release versions ≥ 1.9 can be accessed from the above links as well (e.g., 1.9.0 is

Docs hosted on ASF

It's a static site that is sourced from `` on the `asf-site` branch.

Make sure to install all Airflow python dependencies by running the following before building the docs:

pip install apache-airflow[all]

To build the docs, run `python build_sphinx` from the main airflow project, this builds a static site under `docs/_build/html/`. You can then copy the content of this folder to root of the repo/branch mentioned above.  Alternatively, you can `cd docs; ./`

The website doesn't have a `master` branch, just asf-site. You'll need to:

git clone
git checkout asf-site

Also create a new folder with the name of the version and copy paste all contents there as well. So that you can access it using for example as well as

Read the Docs

The Read the Docs documentation site is automatically built via a GitHub webhook.


To build the docs locally, follow the instructions in Contributing > Documentation which builds a static site under docs/_build/html.


The list of Python packages required to build the docs can be found under the 'doc' extra in

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