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Committer Responsibilities 

Committers are more than contributors. While it's important for committers to maintain standing by committing code, their key role is to build and foster a healthy and active community. This means that committers should 

  • Review PRs in a timely and reliable fashion
    • They should also help to actively whittle down the PR backlog (e.g. we currently have more than 100 PRs, many of which are over 3 months old)
  • Answering questions (i.e. on the dev list, in PRs, in Jiras, etc...)
  • Taking on core changes/bugs/feature requests
    • Some changes are important enough that a committer needs to ensure it gets done. This is especially the case if no one from the community is taking it on.
  • Improving processes and tooling
  • Refactoring code, etc...

Commit Policy

The following commit policy passed by a vote 8(binding FOR) to 0 against on May 27, 2016 on the dev list:

Commits need a +1 vote from a committer who is not the author 

Furthermore, do not +1 or merge a PR that regresses linting (e.g. or does not pass 4/6 travis tests.

When we do AIP voting, both PMC and committer's +1 is considered as binding vote based on internal PMC discussion.

Style Guide

Before merging a PR, please make sure that it is compliant with the points from the Contributors' Guide, in particular:

  • The PR title references a JIRA issue [AIRFLOW-XXX], where XXX is the JIRA number, and contains a JIRA link in the PR description
  • Any new files have an Apache License header
  • All commits follow the 7 rules of good Git commits and reference a JIRA issue if appropriate

Apache Gitbox

To get access to the Apache Airflow Github, to comment on and merge Pull requests, you need to configure Apache Gitbox:

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  1. A PR can be closed without committing it like so:

    Here's an example that closed :

    git commit --allow-empty -m "Closes apache/incubator-airflow#2440 *Already Merged*"

  2. From Bolke de Bruin:

    if you install you can pass it a PR URL as well making it really easy
    so basically git checkout master, and git am
    this will apply the contributor's commits to your master, retaining the author information
    then you can run git commit --amend to change it (reword the commit, add cosmetic fixes, etc.)
    and if you do that the author full remain the contributor, and you'll be added as a committer

  3. Useful guide for adding new committers/PMC members:

    Whimsy's link for adding new users is here:

  4. Xiaodong DENG  and Daniel Imberman FYI, PMC decide that committer's +1 is also considered binding vote in AIP voting.