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Meet-ups are a great way for the community to meet face-to-face. Anyone from the community can host a meet-up. If you would like to host a meet-up, follow the steps below :

  1. Join one of our meetups (Alphabetical order):
    1. Amsterdam, Holland :
    2. SF Bay Area, CA, USA :
    3. Chicago, IL, USA :
    4. London, UK :
    5. NYC, NY, USA :
    6. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia :
    7. Paris, France :
    8. Portland, OR, USA :
    9. Seattle, WA, USA :
    10. Toyko, Japan :
  2. Send an email to voicing your intent and welcoming guest speakers
    1. One of the Airflow meetup organizers will promote you to "event organizer" 
    2. Please provide your Confluence user name as well so we can grant you write permission to the Airflow CWIKI
  3. Add your information to the signup list below with a rough idea of your intended event date
  4. Create the meet-up event and announce/promote it on 


We recommend that you follow the guidelines below: 


  • Meet, greet & eat
  • Talks : 3 speakers :  20 mins including Q&A (e.g. 15 mins talk + 5 mins Q&A)
    • 1 Host Speaker
    • 2 Guest Speakers
  • Project Announcements
    • Updates on the project, roadmap & upcoming Airbnb sprints
    • Q/A for the committers project team
  • Breakout Sessions (Optional)
  • Open Q & A, Community Announcements
    • Community open mic, step up and make announcements if you're recruiting, looking for help, planning on working on a feature, ... 

Video Streaming & Recording

Knowledge shared at an meet-up is only useful if it is streamed (to reach our geographically distributed community) and if it is recorded (to help newbies).You can place a link to the recorded video on Airflow Links

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