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Owner: Maxime  AIRFLOW-1 - Getting issue details... STATUS INFRA-11776 - Getting issue details... STATUS


  1. Open an INFRA JIRA to start the migration.
  2. Transfer ownership of the airflow/airbnb repository to an Apache INFRA person, as instructed by JIRA. See this page for details on what gets kept and lost.
  3. Update

If Maxime Beauchemin does not want to transfer directly to the INFRA person from the AirBNB repository, he can first move the repository to a DMZ account, where he can then transfer ownership to the Apache INFRA person.


AIRFLOW-9 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Mailing lists

Owner: Chris  AIRFLOW-11 - Getting issue details... STATUS  

  1. Update
  2. Post notification to Google group pointing to new mailing lists.
  3. Lock down Google group.


Owner: Bolke  AIRFLOW-10 - Getting issue details... STATUS

INFRA-11737 - Getting issue details... STATUS

LEGAL-249 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  1. Update
  2. Open INFRA JIRA to migrate issues to JIRA.
  3. Add the JIRA number to the title of all open pull requests that refer to a GitHub issue. This will link the PR to the JIRA.
  4. Open an INFRA JIRA to disable issues from the apache/incubator-airflow GitHub account.


Owner: Jeremiah 

  1. Update GitHub PR template with instructions to put JIRA issue numbers in PR titles  AIRFLOW-34 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  2. Add GitHub label to call out PRs without JIRA issues


Owner: Sid  AIRFLOW-12 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  1. Update

  2. Migrate all GitHub wikis to Apache Confluence wiki.

I already asked Apache about auto-migrating GitHub wikis to Confluence. They don't do this, so we'll have to do it manually.


Owner: Jeremiah  AIRFLOW-13 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  1. File a ticket to enable Travis CI (e.g.  INFRA-7504 - Getting issue details... STATUS ).

Flag day

May 4, 2016

  1. Decide on the day that we want to do the migration.

  2. Send out an email to the Google group a week in advance describing what's going to happen and when. Suggest that all communication migrate to JIRA and the Apache mailing lists.

  3. On flag day, open an INFRA issue to transfer the repository to Apache.

It doesn't look like GitHub gives us the ability to make issues read-only. We'll just have to politely tell people to use JIRA/Confluence until the migration is complete.


> Can we merge pull requests via the magical green button in GitHub?

Not currently. The way GitHub mirroring is setup, the repository is read-only, so no merge button appears in the GitHub UI. This means that committers will have to manually pull PRs locally, merge them into Apache master, push them back to Apache's git repository, and close the pull request.

There is an experimental project in Apache to enable bi-directional mirroring, so the merge button will work, but it's currently private. We can apply to get access, but I don't think that we should count on this in the short term. Application requires discussing on our private@ list, then having the project char contact the board as well as the infra team.

> Will existing pull requests and issues continue to exist after the repository is transferred?

Yes. We'll have to link them to JIRA tickets by adding a JIRA ticket ID to their title, though.

> Can we use GitHub issues?

No. We can bulk import them into JIRA, but there is no active sync between GitHub issues and JIRA.

> How will pull requests work?

See this page for a description. Basically, the same as normal, except that the PR must have a JIRA number in the title, and there will be no green merge button in GitHub (see above).

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