When using Ambari-1.2.5, after upgrading the Stack, you may not be able to save config changes.

The issue is that when "ambari-server upgradestack StackName-x.y.z" is run it does not update the current stack version value associated with the cluster. Update of cluster configuration is a cluster update request. When Ambari receives a cluster update request with a cluster version that is newer than the existing cluster version then it interprets the call as a stack upgrade.


  • Get the current version of the deployed stack
    • Through API - http://<ambari-server>:8080/api/v1/clusters/<cluster name> - see value Clusters/version
    • E.g. you may see HDP-1.2.0 or HDP-1.2.1 or HDP-1.3.2, etc.
  • Record this value
  • Go to the host where ambari server is hosted
  • Stop ambari-server (ambari-server stop)
  • Replace file /var/lib/ambari-server/resources/upgrade/dml/Ambari-DML-Postgres-UPGRADE_STACK.sql with the file attached to https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/AMBARI-2968
    • This file assummes the Ambari DB is postgresql
    • Browse through the git repo to get the Oracle version if you are using Oracle (link)
  • Upgrade stack version - call "ambari-server upgradestack <stack name as recorded earlier>" (e.g. ambari-server upgradestack HDP-1.3.2)
    • Ensure that "select * from ambari.clusters" and "select * from ambari.clusterstate" both return the same value for Stack Id.
  • Start ambari-server (ambari-server start)
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