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This feature is available after the 1.6.1. version of Ambari

The Ambari Shell's aim is to provide an interactive command line tool which supports: -
  • all functionality available through Ambari web-app 
  • context aware command availability 
  • tab completion  
  • required/optional parameter support
The shell is written is Java, and uses the Groovy bases Ambari REST client, and the Spring Shell framework.
Ambari-Shell is distributed as a single-file executable jar. The **uber jar**
is generated with the help of spring-boot-maven-plugin available at:
Spring-Boot also provides a helper to launch those jars:
After compiling the project, the shell is ready to use (make sure you use Java 7 or above).


Please note that all commands are context aware - and are available only when it makes sense. 
For example the `cluster create` command is not available until a `blueprint` has not been added or selected. 
A good approach is to use the `hint` command - as the Ambari UI, this will give you hints about the available commands and the flow of 
creating or configuring a cluster. You can always use TAB for completion or available parameters.
To sum it up in less than two minutes watch this video:


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