Upgrading from Ambari 2.0 or 2.0.1 to 2.1

  1. Upgrade ambari server and perform needed post-upgrade checks. (make sure all services are up and running)
  2. Stop Ambari Metrics service
  3. Execute the following command on all hosts.

    ~]#  yum upgrade -y ambari-metrics-monitor ambari-metrics-hadoop-sink

    (Use appropriate package manager on ubuntu and windows)

  4. Execute the following command on host running Metrics Collector

    ~]#  yum upgrade -y ambari-metrics-collector

  5. Start Ambari Metrics Service
  6. The Sink jars will be deployed on every host, the daemons will pick the changes to sink implementations when they are restarted. (E.g.: HDFS Namenode / Datanode)
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