The foundation laid by Annotator.js, the Open Annotation Community Group, the Web Annotation Working Group, and their surrounding communities has generated increasing interest in Web Annotation tooling (on and off the Web). Apache Annotator appears in this timeline now to provide "minimal effort" integration for the core components of Web Annotation. Below is a proposed plan for building off that foundation and history and toward a diverse world of implementations and usage scenarios.

Web Annotation in the Browser

Phase 0

annotation.js - parses and manipulates a Web Annotation Data Model JSON-LD document 

    • provides minimal interface for reading and manipulating the JSON-LD 
    • uses selector.js and resource.js helper libraries

selector.js - manipulates Web Annotation Selectors and their connection/relationship to the DOM

resource.js - parses and manipulates External and Specific Resource data

    • utility for building and managing Web Resource (external or specific) related information
    • works for generating both Target and Body data

Phase 1 utilities for State, Style, Choice, List, Composite, etc.

Web Annotation on the Server

Examine list of available Web Annotation Protocol Servers mentioned in the Proposal. Pick one. Iterate.

Web Annotation Elsewhere

Utilities and tools for working with Web Annotation data wherever people find it or want to put it.

  •  email?
  •  phones?
  •  encoded in HTML? EPUB?
  •  extracted from PDFs?
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