The intent of this page is to list and briefly describe third-party Ant taskdefs.

This page lists external resources for Apache Ant. This page is meant to complement, and allows to self-announce your antlibs, tasks, or extensions with the Ant community without requiring an Ant committer to check in your patch to xdocs/external.xml (.html).

Note that nothing listed here is directly supported by the Ant committers (therefore external tools and tasks), and if you encounter any problems with them, please use the contact information.



Convert SVG documents to PNG, JPG, and other image formats.

Task to transform SVG images into Java2D icons with no external dependencies.

Taskdefs for VC6, VC7, VB6 and others.

External taskdefs for class loader handling.

Simple task to use (PDF) LaTeX, BibTeX, Makeindex and GlossTeX

Task to convert Nassi-Shneiderman-Diagrams (XML) to LaTeX

Task to spell check source code

Tasks to integrate Ant with IBM Rational ClearCase

Sun-provided Ant Pack200 task (pack, unpack and repack with fileset support)

Ant Pack200 task that accepts a fileset and allows inline repacking of jar files

Tasks supporting Eclipse configuration files.

Provides a Swing user interface to Ant for setting properties and calling targets

An Ant Task for automating FreshMeat announcements.

An Ant Task for showing public API changes between two jar files.

Filters that can be used to count data in files. This can be used to get fine grained statistics from log files for example.

Ant tasks for the Tom pattern matching compiler, and the Gom data structure generator

JUnit PDF Report: Your JUnit test report in PDF format.

Loads of extensions (rules, flowcontrol, log4j) for Ant.

svntask is a super simple solution for using svn (Subversion) from ant.

SardineTask is a wrapper around Sardine for executing WebDAV actions from ant.

Sweetened: Ant Tasks to improve your Java builds and Eclipse integration.

Task for signing Windows executable files.

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