It would be nice to have some sample Ant build.xml files so that novices can learn good style and so that people experienced with old versions can see better ways to do things.

  • current build.xml for the Ant project
  • I created a buildfile for doing some things more comfortable. The result I called AntUtil. Maybe not the best style, but it shows, that you can do more things with Ant that you thought ...
  • I have a file for WebappBuilding that creates a simple webapp. Suggestions are welcome.
  • JAM is a well structured Ant framework with EJB and Servlet/JSP examples (see templates at the bottom of the page). The whole JAM framework is an example of how to use the features of Ant 1.6 to organize builds in a modular fashion.
  • JythonAndAnt shows how you can use a scripting language's full-featured expression syntax to implement a flexible expression evaluation and if/then/else mechanism.
  • ApplyRedirectorExample demonstrates a simple use of redirectors in an <apply> task.
  • CreateDocBookDocumentation demonstrates how to create PDF and HTML from DocBook 5

Do you have an Ant build.xml file you like? Add it here.

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