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Q-1. Eclipse project classpath tools to let the eclipse classpath for a project be used with the <javac> ant task without having to manually modify the build.xml.

A-1. Just the first hit of a search gave Free Eclipse Classpath Ant Task. And the external task task page lists also some. And it is listed as a Eclipse Plug-In.

A-1a. True all that, EXCEPT if you note the dates they are all over a year ago, and with Eclipse 3.1 they are obsolete! Why? Because Eclipse 3.1 has File->Export->Ant Buildfiles menu option that generates the build.xml and a user modifiable entity document called build-user.xml where you can put your own properties, tasks and targets. Which is why this info needs to be here and if there was an Eclipse wiki of equal value to this one, it should go there too.

Q-2. Does anyone have a Java Formatter Profile that implements the project's formatting guidelines? They are specified for checkstyle in check.xml. Or is it OK to just use the built-in Java Conventions profile?

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