Tasks and data-types can now accept arbitrary classes that implement a certain interface or extend a certain class as nested elements by using add(Type) as the adder method. Details can be found here.

Some of the built-in tasks/types have been enhanced with interface adders of that kind, you can now add a new condtion by <typedef>ing the class (to give it a name) and nesting it into the <condition> task. The same is possible for selectors and filterreaders, it is described in more detail here.

The short version looks like this

Define a condition that checks whether a given value ends with FOO.

  package org.example;
  import org.apache.tools.ant.taskdefs.condition.Condition;

  public class EndsWithFoo implements Condition {
      private String value;

      public void setValue(String value) {
          this.value = value;

      public boolean eval() {
          return value.endsWith("FOO");

name it

  <typedef name="endswithfoo" classname="org.example.EndsWithFoo"/>

and simply use it

  <condition property="fooEndsWithFoo">
    <endswithfoo value="foo"/>
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