When is the event?

Tuesday, 10th Sep, 18:00 - 18:50

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What is Podling's Shark Tank Event?

Podling's Shark Tank is a collection of short pitches (think lightning talks) done by current podlings trying to highlight how awesome their project is and why should everyone join their community. This is followed by questions (and some grilling!) from the panel of Sharks. The pitch part last for 5-7 minutes. The grilling part lasts for 2-3 minutes.

For viewers of US TV think of it as pitching your idea to the "Shark Tank" panel. Only instead of Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran we've got even sharkier characters:

  • Myrle Krantz, ASF Board Director
  • Craig Russell, Chairperson of the ASF board
  • Justin Mclean, VP Incubator

All in all, this is meant to be fun, but informative way of making sure that as many ApacheCON attendees as possible are going to get a chance to find out more about your favorite podlings. Also, if think your community is close to graduation as a TLP consider this opportunity to pitch your graduation. I'm sure all of 3 judges will have plenty to say about that.

Who is presenting

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