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The Apache Software Foundation is responsible for providing the content for the event, while the Producer is responsible for everything else. PMCs that wish to provide content for the event are encouraged to have a spokesperson step forward to shepherd that process.


So far, we have:


RichBowen -

  • Twenty years on, and still on top, the Apache HTTP Server is the workhorse of the World Wide Web. Come hear the experts and the founders talk about where we came from and where we're going. And, of course, how to solve your problems today, with talks on SSL, Proxying, application deployment, and much more.


Pierre Smits, Sharan Foga

Traffic Server

Leif Hedstrom (More of a web/ops/caching/etc track, along with Tomcat + HTTPD?)


Kay Schenk, Andrea Pescetti

Key Signing



Daniel Gruno


Ross Gardler

  • The cloud changes everything. The Apache Software Foundation changes everything. This track will focus on how The Apache Software Foundation and, more specifically, the Apache projects are often found at the core of the latest and greatest innovations in IT. Sessions in this track will show how the Apache Way enables the largest and the smallest of companies to work together to redefine IT. We'll also take a look into the future of cloud computing and how Apache projects fit into, even defines, that future.

Content management/munging

Nick Burch

Within the ASF, there are a wide variety of projects with technologies to help you store, retrieve, host, transform and generate content. From large to small, from up-coming to mature, from end-user application to libraries, and all in-between! We'll be covering new projects looking to explain themselves and gain new users, existing projects explaining what's new, and well-established projects re-explaining themselves to a new generation facing the same problems once more. If your project is about content in some way, come talk here!

Apache in Science

Description and Scope

Over a number of years the Science track has been emerging as an attractive and exciting, at times mind blowing non-traditional track running alongside the resident HTTP server, Big Data, etc tracks. This year we want to really get the message out there about how much Apache technology is actually being used in Science and Healthcare. This is not only aimed at attracting members of the communities below but also at potentially attracting a brand new breed of conference participants to ApacheCon and the Foundation e.g. Scientists who love Apache. We are looking for exciting, invigorating, obscure, half-baked, funky, academic, practical and impractical stories, use cases, experiments and down right successes alike from within the Science domain. The only thing they need to have in common is that they consume, contribute towards, advocate, disseminate or even commercialize Apache technology within the Scientific domain and would be relevant to that audience. It is fully open to interest whether this track be combined with the proposed healthcare track... if there is interest to do this then we can rename this track to Science and Healthcare. In essence one could argue that they are one and the same however I digress (smile)


Lewis John Mcgibbney, Chris Mattmann, put your name here

Target Projects

Presentation/Meetup Ideas

This area is for interested participants or parties to provisionally show interest with some concept indicative of the nature of content you would present or like to build community around at ApacheCon.





Jim from Govan

Apache Tika

Translation of Glaswegian to English to improve understanding of medical diagnosis and injury treatment using Apache Tika


Ofer Mendelevitch

Apache Pig

Using Apache Hadoop, Apache Pig and other tools for analyzing healthcare data for detection of anomalies - using real-world Medicare-B dataset.


Calude Warren

Apache Jena


One of the authors of Linked Biomedical Dataspace: Lessons Learned Integrating Data for Drug Discovery (

also at

) as part of that project I developed a federated query engine across multiple large scale SPARQL endpoints. I am also the developer of the Jena Security layer (framework to provide restrictions on graphs down to the triple layer if needed)

Frank Austin Nothaft

Apache Spark, Apache Avro, Apache Parquet

highly scalable genomics processing pipelines on top of various Apache components (mostly Apache Spark, Avro, and Parquet). All of our work is Apache 2 licensed and can be found here:


We’d definitely be interested in a joint science/healthcare track.

Pei J Chen, Jay Vyas

Apache cTAKES, Apache Spark, Apache BigTop

Pharmacovigilance - Mining Big Data Text for Real Time Drug Monitoring.

A joint science/healthcare tracksounds like an interesting idea.






(Note from Nick: We might be able to talk someone like Lewis or Chris M into putting on a science track. If that happens, I could see there being one good CTAKES talk for the content track on how you use UIMA+OpenNLP, then another for the science track on how you integrate CTAKEs with other things for solving medical/science problems with it


Pei Chen (cTakes) & Jay (Big Top/Red Hat)

SOA/integration track

Camel, CXF, Karaf some ActiveMQ, (ServiceMix a while back). Hadrian

Apache Cayenne (Andrus Adamchik): To be precise, the talk will be about building model-driven REST applications with Apache Cayenne and LinkRest (a framework based on Cayenne, and a potential incubator candidate). (might have to be a stand-alone if not enough interest in a track)

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