ApacheCon US 2005 BOFs

See [BirdsOfaFeatherEu07] for ApacheCon EU 2007 in Amsterdam.

ApacheCon US 2005 BOFs have been scheduled for Monday and Tuesday evenings, at 8:30pm and 9:30pm. You should see the main conference schedule for the rest of the conference schedule, including all sessions and special events.

If you would like to have a BOF, and it has not been scheduled, there will be a whiteboard available for signups at the conference. If you can't find it, hunt one of us (Shane, Rich, or a conference Planner) down, and we'll try to help you.

Note that the 'official' set of BOF rooms (below) is now full and already in the final printed programs. Last-minute BOF signups are still welcome! Feel free to add a note here and use the BOF whiteboards to self-organize any extra BOF ideas.

BOF Schedule

Please add BOFs that you'd like to have below. When the slots fill up, we'll see about getting more slots. You may link to an additional page for further information about the BOF, as well as for people to sign up to indicate interest in the BOF. Please place your BOF in your desired slot in the schedule below. If you are not comfortable editing the wiki content directly, please email planners-2005-us@apachecon.com with a subject line of "BoF Request" or something similar.

To add your BOF: Click 'Edit' above to edit this page (you must first Login to be able to Edit). Add the title of your BOF in a slot below. Be sure to then create a new wiki page for your BOF, where you should include your name (so we can contact you about it) and a paragraph describing what your BOF is about (so folks know if they'd be interested in coming!)

Please note that the actual schedule is on the board by the registration desk. It might be different from the schedule here on the Wiki. Please help keeping the Wiki up-to-date in case of changes. NOTE: the last two columns are now in Marina 3 + 2 rooms, which are near the main conference area! Yay!



Harbor Island-1

Harbor Island-2

Harbor Island-3

Marina 3

Marina 2

20:30 - 21:30

Apache Harmony Community






21:30 - 22:30









Harbor Island-1

Harbor Island-2

Harbor Island-3

Marina 3

Marina 2

20:30 - 21:30

Apache Public Relations & Marketing

OSI Membership


Apache Geronimo



21:30 - 22:30





Apache Struts


Marina V (Apachecon Press Room)

Tuesday 20:30 (or after the movie)

Apache Knowledge Share at a basic/intermediate level. Maybe I can help you. Maybe you can help me. Sign_up_here or send an email to pfhyper at gmailDOTcom.

What is a BOF?

Birds Of a Feather, or BOFs, are where people of like interests flock together – small, focused talks or group sessions for 60 minutes with just the people you want to meet. Any attendee can propose a BOF. There is no special format, and while some people have a presentation used for discussion, it's often just a group of folks interested in the same topic having a lively discussion. For ApacheCon US 2005, they are currently scheduled for Monday and Tuesday evening from 8:30pm to 10:30pm.

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