There are a number of community events taking place before, during and after ApacheCon.

Early Evening Events

Every day of the conference (Tuesday to Thursday), right after the talks finish, we'll be running community events for around 2 hours. These will mostly be taking place upstairs in the ballroom (where lunch will be, also the location of the breakout space and exhibition area). Each evening, we'll have different things to keep you interested and engaged. Some will be light-hearted, some serious, some technical, some not.

Monday post-Hackathon

Currently, nothing is planned. We'll probably just all review the Portland Tips page and find places to head to!

Tuesday 6-8pm

Welcome reception! With kind sponsorship from Adobe, there's a welcome reception on Tuesday evening, open to all.

After the welcome reception, from 7.30pm until 8pm (when the Meetups, BoFs, Project Get-Togethers etc start), will be the ever popular PgpKeySigning

Wednesday 6-8pm

First up, there's the ever popular lightning talks! These will start at 6pm, and run for one hour.

Then, there's a mini BarCamp! On the Wednesday evening straight after the lightning talks finish, we'll be doing a mini BarCamp, thanks to kind sponsorship from Expedia.

For a general idea of what a BarCamp is like, please see the Sunday BarCampApachePortland page for details.

The Wednesday night event will be a little more quick-fire, as we've less time. We will commence at 7pm with an introduction to BarCamps (for those who are new), and then do the scheduling. Sessions will run for 20 minutes each, from 7.20pm - 9.30pm, giving us time for about 6 sets of interesting presentations! Space is limited, to sign up please see

After that, it'll be over to the usual Evening Meetups, BoFs, Project Get-Togethers etc

Thursday 4.30-6pm

PowerPoint Kareoke! Come along, and give it your best shot at presenting someone else's slides, when neither you nor the audience knows what's coming up... 5 minutes, 15 slides, slides advance ever 20 seconds, it's a hoot!

(Then you can go home, or join others to go out)

Wednesday - Fast Feather Track

The Fast Feather Track is a series of short, 15 minute talks, covering areas new / interesting / upcoming.





Shameera Rathnayaka

Stream based high performance solution for JSON<-->XML lossless tranformation


Jeff Potts

One API to rule all content management systems


Matt Benson

Post-Compilation Java Bytecode Analysis


Matt Franklin

Rave, Streams, Widgets, and feeding your widget from the data firehose


Brian Benz

"Brian from Microsoft talks about stuff"


Deb Nicholson

Decentralised Media Hosting: MediaGoblin




Stream based high performance solution for JSON<-->XML conversion issues with XML Schema

JSON has become a hot news within present web services developers and mobile application developers. They require JSON to be delivered from and to services that often use XML(SOAP) based back end services. This is where JSON to XML and XML to JSON bidirectional conversion comes into field. Here we need a robust conversion mechanism to transform JSON to and from XML. As JSON is more lightweight than XML, JSON is an ultimate option to avoid bandwidth problems comes with XML data model when interchanging data over networks. With this new mechanism JSON will not be converted to XML internally but it provides correct XML infoset with the help of XML schema while reading JSON stream, hence provides much improved performance than the existing solutions.

One API to rule all content management systems

Most organizations have more than one Enterprise Content Management repository. Writing one-off integrations with each one is a waste of time, especially when something like Apache Chemistry exists. See how the client libraries in Apache Chemistry enable you to interoperate with repos like SharePoint, Alfresco, FileNet, and many others from your Java, Python, .NET, PHP, Objective-C, and Android apps.

Evenings Events (post 8pm)

The early evening events will run until about 8pm. After that, there are Meetups, BoFs, Project Get-Togethers etc. If nothing catches your fancy there, grab a few people and head out for dinner or drinks! See the PortlandTips page for suggestions.

Event Organisers

Got a question about one of the community events taking place at ApacheCon? As your first point of call, try getting in touch with one of the kind volunteers who have signed up to help run the event! These folk are:

  • BarCamp
    • Mark Hinkle
    • Justin Mclean
    • Mohammad Nour El-Din
    • Nick Burch
    • Lewis John McGibbney
  • Monday Hackathon
    • TBC
  • Early Evening Events
    • TBC
  • Meetups / BoFs
    • Mark Hinkle
    • Mohammad Nour El-Din
  • Post-Conference BarCamps
    • TBC

If that doesn't work, please drop an email to the ApacheCon Planners, and one of the planners will try to hook you up with the right person to answer your query.

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