ApacheCon Europe 2012 Hackathon - Monday 5th November

We will once again have a Hackathon at ApacheCon Europe! The Hackathon will be taking place on Monday 5th November, from 11am. That's the day before the main conference starts, so come along early if you can. The Hackathon will run from 11am (to give us time to get the network in place), until about 6pm. Lunch and drinks will be provided. After the hackathon closes, we'll move to a nearby venue for the Apache Committers drinks reception! More details on that to follow.


  • What - Apache Hackathon: Testing, Bug Fixing, New Features, Documentation, Brainstorming, Design and more!
  • Where - Press Room, Ground Floor, Rhein-Necker Arena (the conference veue) - in the front door and turn right
  • When - Monday 5th November, from 11am - 6pm
  • Then what - Committers Reception, kindly sponsored by VMWare
  • Who - Everyone interested in getting involved in Apache Projects!

Confirmed Hackathon Project


Open To

Description, Projects etc

Apache Tika

Java coders, Scripting language implements, docs writers

Help expand Apache Tika to support new languages, and document the process

Apache Cocoon

Users and committers

Testing and bug squashing in preparation for next C3 release

Apache Syncope (incubating)

Users, committers and newcomers

Introduce Apache Syncope to newcomers, check advanced aspects and squash some bugs with users and committers, discuss ideas for roadmap with everyone


developers who are interested in fast (block) joins

I wanted to implement transitive BlockJoinQuery in addition ToParent and ToChild. transitive means it collects both sides: parent and childrens. I need it for facet counting. But later I got and idea to implement flexible and power abstract_ BJQ, which will be specialized to transitive, ToParent and ToChild via supplying proper traversing strategy.+ +

Apache Chemistry CMIS 1.1 implementation

CMIS developers

Design and implement CMIS 1.1 support for OpenCMIS

Apache Subversion

Subversion developers

Readying trunk for 1.8 release and design/roadmapping towards 1.9

Apache Cassandra

Users/admins, coders

Testing and bug squashing in preparation for 1.2 release

Apache Jackrabbit/Oak

Java/JS developers, CMS experts

Getting started with Oak, writing a simple Oak plugin, integrating Oak with existing CMSs, etc.


DataImportHandler aware developers

Design new approach for "threads", fwiw it was killed at 4.0. I propose to bring it back for fast data acquisition. On top of my head is keep join single thread, but handle update(doc) in many threads, and also pull data asynchronosly via resultset buffer. Of course N+1 scenario is not affordable. One of the key descision is rethinking EntityProcessor responsibilities.

Apache Droids

everyone's invited

Future of droids, bug fixing

Apache HTTPD & APR

Committers & interested people

General bug squashing

Apache James

people who need email (servers) invited

Moving Apache James 3.x to OSGi - Karaf

Apache Camel

everyone's invited (mentoring provided)

Camel 2.x and 3.0 brainstorming and all 'round hacking

Other hackathons are likely to be confirmed nearer the time, if you're intersted in any of the ones below please update the count so we know they're expecting a lot of people!

Proposed Hackathons

If your project is thinking of hosting a hackathon session, or you think there's an interesting topic to be cover, please list it here. If you see a proposed session you'd like to attend, +1 it so that people know it's of interest! Once a session gets enough people interested, we'll promote to the confirmed list, and prepare a sign for the table so you can find it.


Open To

Description, Projects etc


Apache Turbine

everyone's invited

Complete Turbine-Parent-POM, Maven archetypes and Maven 3.0 build, Prepare some releases


CMIS PHP Server Stub

PHP coders, CMIS people

Implement a simple server stub that can easily be extended by PHP CMSes in order to fetch their data with the ManifoldCF CMIS connector


Apache OpenOffice

OpenOffice committers, users

Hacking and digging into the OpenOffice source tree, looking into bugs, future discussion


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