ApacheCon North America 2013 Conference Hackathon

Monday 25th February

We will once again have a Hackathon at ApacheCon North America in Portland, OR! The Hackathon will be taking place on Monday 25th February, from 10am. That's the day before main conference tracks on Tues-Thurs, so come along early if you can. The Hackathon will run from 10am (to give us time to get everything setup), until 5.30pm. Everyone is welcome!


  • What - Apache Hackathon: Testing, Bug Fixing, New Features, Documentation, Brainstorming, Design and more!
  • Where - In the converence venue (exact room TBC)
  • When - Monday 25th February, from 10am - 5.30pm
  • Then what - Committers Reception from 5.30pm, sponsored by VMWare
  • Who - Everyone interested in getting involved in Apache Projects!
  • Refreshments - Lunch, snacks and drinks will be provided
  • Sponsors - Thanks to Microsoft and Alfresco for covering the costs!

Everyone is welcome to attend the hackathon! Whether you're coming to the conference or just local, whether you're an existing committer or not, whether you're a coder or a writer or a designer or a tester, you'll all have a chance to get involved!

When you arrive at the venue, we'll have a board / display / poster up listing what projects are on what tables, and descriptions of the hackathons taking place. If you've already signed up for a hackathon, you can head straight to your table and get started! If you don't have a specific project in mind, you can consult the board to find likely suspects based on your interests and skills, then go and find the project table and they'll help you get started.


Microsoft are kindly sponsoring the cost of the hackathon, and Alfresco are kindly sponsoring the lunch and refreshments. Thank you both for providing the sponsorship to let the event happen!

When the hackathon ends at 5.30pm, everyone attending the hackathon is invited to attend the Committers reception, which is kindly sponsored once again by the lovely folks at VMWare.

Confirmed Hackathon Project


Open To

Description, Projects etc

Apache Traffic Server

Developers, users, newcomers

Testing, bug fixing, Lua plugin development, documentation

Apache HTTP Server

Developers, admins, newcomers

Bug fixing, General enhancement, mod_* development, documentation

Apache Cassandra

Developers and admin/users

Testing/bug squashing, CQL drivers, documentation

Apache Rave

Developers, users, newcomers

Adding Features, Bug Fixing, Documentation

Apache Branding

Anyone interested in brands/trademarks

Shane Curcuru, VP Brand Management for all Apache projects discusses trademarks

Apache CXF Fediz

Developers, newcomers

Brainstorming, Adding Features, Bug Fixing, Documentation

Apache Subversion

Developers, contributors of any kind

1.8 stabilization, local moves, anything else

If you're interested in taking part, please indicate so below. In the run up to the event, we'll promote the hackathons with momentum to here, so let us know which ones below you're interested in!

Proposed Hackathons

If your project is thinking of hosting a hackathon session, or you think there's an interesting topic to be cover, please list it here. If you see a proposed session you'd like to attend, +1 it so that people know it's of interest! Once a session gets enough people interested, we'll promote to the confirmed list, and prepare a sign for the table so you can find it.

The following hackathons may not run today, depending on the final levels of interest. We'll aim to track down the proposers of these, and where they are in the room. If you wish to participate in any of these, please let us know on arrival at the hackathon and we'll aim to promote them to happening then!


Open To

Description, Projects etc


Apache Tika

Java coders, Scripting language implements, docs writers

Help expand Apache Tika to support new languages, and document the process


Apache Commons (DBUTILS)


Adding Features: DBUTILS-105 DBUTILS-104


Secure Software

Developers, newcomers

Brainstorming, platform independent cryptography, trusted application design, FIPS-140 compliance. Not limited to Apache!


Apache Gora

Anyone interested in big data persistence



Apache Nutch

Anyone interested in open source web search



Apache Any23

Anything To Triples - RDF fans and developers



Apache Hama

Coding, Brainstorming, Unit testing, Documentation, Deployment

See https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HAMA


Apache Flex

Any Developer

Coding, Bug Fixing, Find out about it!


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