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One of my (Grant Ingersoll, from Apache Lucene) favorite things to do in a new city is to go for a run, especially in the morning. There's something pretty cool about a city that is just waking up and there's something pretty cool about exploring a city on foot, albeit at a slightly faster pace than walking. You can cover more ground, see more things, and there's always just that little hint of fear that you might get lost, so you become hyper aware of where you are going and who is around you. So, if you can relate, drop me a line at my Apache email (gsingers@) or update this page and we'll figure out what, when and where.

At the same time, there's lots of other things to do besides running, so feel free to list an activity. I've never been to NO before, so I don't know if any of the vendors listed are any good or not:

Swimming in the morning

I (bdelacretaz@) think the conference hotel has a swimming pool, if that's the case I'll probably go for a swim early in the morning (unless I join Grant for running). Drop me a line if you're interested. I (jfclere@) am interested more in running the morning even running shoes use more space that a swimming suit.



Rock Climbing



Glen Daniels suggests a jam session at Igor's Checkpoint Charlie on Sunday Nov.2nd, evening. Meet in conference hotel lobby at 5:30PM or contact Glen or Bertrand (bdelacretaz@).

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