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Apache Apex is part of Apache Bigtop.

Bigtop CI based distribution binaries

Following is an option to install the Bigtop stack for Apache Hadoop along with Apex.

  • Setup Bigtop Environment:

    1. Grab the repo/list file for your favorite linux distribution from here
    2. Install Bigtop Hadoop:
      • For RPM based systems: yum install hadoop*
      • For DEB baed systems: apt-get install hadoop*
    3. Follow steps here to start Hadoop services.
  • Apex packages available are:

Updating Apex version in Bigtop


How to build Bigtop-trunk

As of Apex 3.6.0 Bigtop requires a patch to compile Apex with Hadoop 2.7.x.

This is due to a backward incompatible change in Hadoop between 2.6.x (against which Apex is released) and 2.7.x (that Bigtop currently uses). The patch may need to be updated when the Apex version is changed.

Building the Apex component locally is easy thanks to Docker!

docker run -it -u jenkins -v `pwd`:/ws bigtop/slaves:trunk-ubuntu-14.04
./gradlew apex-deb

The resulting package will be /ws/output/apex/apex_3.6.0-1_all.deb and to check what's in it run: dpkg -c /ws/output/apex/apex_3.6.0-1_all.deb



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