Archiva FAQ

Some of the most frequently asked questions about Apache Archiva:


What are some alternatives to Archiva?

What fields are included in the 'Search' feature?

  • Group ID, Artifact ID, Description
  • Package and Class Name
  • ... should be all available fields

What version of Java is required to run Archiva?

You must install a Java Development Kit 7 or later. See for downloads for your platform.

How do I disable the MD5 checksum applet in 'Find Artifact'?

Local file system access by applets is not allowed in some corporate environments. To disable just the applet, or the entire Find Artifact feature, edit this section in ~/.m2/archiva.xml


TODO: Is Find Artifact really disabled, or can you still get there if you construct the URL?

How do I configure Archiva to use an external user database?

Edit archiva/conf/plexus.xml and change the driverClassName, url, username and password properties.

For a detailed example, see Archiva with MySQL or Archiva User DB on Derby Network Server.

How do I change the location of the derby.log file?

Set the derby.system.home property, as described here.

How do I deploy Archiva in an existing Jetty install?

See Archiva on Jetty.

How do I access my repository through Archiva?

By default Archiva provides a secure WebDAV URL that needs a user and password. Generally it is expected that users are created and the granted access through the Repository-Observer role. If you want it to be completely open, then you need to add the Repository-Observer role for the repository in question to the Guest user. Access control is handled through the User Management page when logged in as an administrator.

How does Archiva remember my repositories after I refresh the database?

 Check out the archiva.xml file in your $M2_HOME/ directory (usually ~/.m2/) and you'll understand how.

How do I let users access my repository without logging in?

Edit the 'guest' user and grant it the repository observer role for that repo. There is also a global repository observer role you can grant, if you want all of your repositories to be visible without logging in.

How do I configure archiva to listen on ipv4 under java 6?

Edit the wrapper.conf to add a "Java Additional Parameter" such as

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