• On Windows the length of paths must be considered (especially for the consumer archetype)
    Windows projects therefore have a short project name (and the display name is set to the long name)
  • Currently got only webapp-test with selenium and firefox on Windows to work (iexplore may need a special driver exe)


Build Projects

archiva-all-maven-3.x-with-web-it-js-windowsCurrently without web tests
archiva-1.3.xDeactivated (was for 1.3)
archiva-master-build-pr-builderBuilds PRs from github
archiva-master-buildThis is the main master build
archiva-master-empty-repoUses a fresh repository
archiva-master-jdk-1.8With jdk8
archiva-master-web-it-jsTest with selenium webtests, uses docker container for chrome installation
archiva-parentparent pom build
archiva-webtest-winRuns only the webtests on windows (firefox)
redback-core-pr-builderBuilds PRs from github
redback-coreThe main redback build
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