New Committer Guide

If you've been invited to be a committer on the project, congratulations! There are a number of steps you must follow to be able to merge patches to the project.

  1. Follow the ASF guide for new committers to configure your ASF account:
  2. Link your GitHub and ASF accounts on Gitbox from This requires that you have 2-factor authentication enabled on GitHub

For most pull requests (PRs), we use a merge tool which squashes multi-commit PRs, creates a nice commit message (including the PR description, which is valuable for the changelog), and updates the corresponding JIRA status. Read for instructions how to set this up.

If you run into any problems pushing to the Git repository, it's possible that you have not been added to the project committer roster by the PMC chair. If this happens, please ask the PMC chair to double check that you have committer karma. 

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