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ATLAS-1757 - Proposal to update graph DB Resolved


Apache Atlas uses a graph database at the heart of its metadata repository.  This graph is used to show the interconnected relationships between data sources; the data sets they host; the business  meaning of the data elements within each data set; the classification of these elements in terms of quality, confidentiality, retention; who (people and processes) are using them and for which purposes.

The current implementation of the graph db is Titan 0.5.  This is a fairly back level version of Titan and there has been some work to provide support for Titan 1.0 by adding a graph abstraction layer.  There is still work to do to complete this abstraction later, particularly in the catalog service which is using a back-level of ThinkerPop/Germlin that is not supported by Titan 1.0.

In the meantime a new graph initiative call JanusGraph has been spawned from Titan to take the code-base forward.

So, what should our graph strategy be?  Do we focus on a single graph database, if so which one? or do we allow a range of graph databases that can be used depending on the deployment? If we support a range of grpah databases, can standard abstraction layers such as Apache TinkerPop be used?

ATLAS-1757 - Proposal to update graph DB Resolved is where the discussion about our graph strategy is occurring and it will be used to coordinate the implementation of whatever is decided.  All welcome ...



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