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ATLAS-1691 - Getting issue details... STATUS



  1. Hi Nigel ,

    some comments in <<David >> sections:



    * The performance framework will be used at a minimum to record response times for all API calls <<David I am not sure I understand - is this an OMAS perfomance framework - I assume we do not want to use Atlas code here. We need to think through audit logs and debugging LOGs in the implementation for OMAS. >>


    * GET for query, nothing should change in the entity. No side effects (except last access time/audit logs)

    * PUT is used for create  <<David PUT for update / replace>>

    * POST is used for update or actions with side effects <<David POST for create - Atlas does tolerate updates if a guid is supplied >>

    * DELETE will delete (usually soft) <<David I am not sure the OMAS needs to know about soft>>

    * PATCH is not used <<David Head might be useful to check whether the service is up.  >>

    * Scoping parameters should feature in GETs as query parameters <<David I was thinking that the Get for a resource will not have these query parameters, but the get with the search endpoint could have>>

    * Pagination should be supported (Page Number & Page Size)  <<David and sort direction and criteria >>

    * Only json is supported

    * A non successful response will send back a sensible http status code, a more detailed enumeration specifying the type of error, a specific, unique error code, and a string containing other helpful information or parameters. A "user response" is also returned. (Example I used for GAF is here - follow swagger link) <<David I thought we were not using GAF for the OMAS - and are moving to Governance Action - If we are not thinking of non-Goverance Action OMAS, I wonder if we can just call it the Action OMAS.  >>

    * The endpoint will be /v2/<omasname> <<David I suggest OMAS/<<David omasname> as per last call>>

    * The /v2/<omasname>/>object> will be a plural noun <<David I was thinking singular - what is your thinking?>>

    Kafka Messaging (pub/sub)


    * Each OMAS will listen to ONE incoming omas kafka topic (per omas) for requests to process

    * Each OMAS will listen to OMRS kafka topic so as to respond to changes in the metadata repostitory <<David I assume it creates a n OMAS message containing the change>>

    * Deployment-time properties will configure the topic names to be used <<David why is this important?>>

    * Out of order messages need to be handled "sensibly" [requires further discussion] & clustered environments catered for

    * Messaging infrastructure should be pluggable, but only kafka will be implemented



     * REST/Kafka - language neutral

     * Java client (remote) - improves ease of use

     * Python - not initially but expressed as a language of choice for data scientists



    * A skeleton Java implementation will initially be committed to generate Swagger API

    * When the community is broadly happy the implementation will be filled out

    1. Thanks for the comments.
      Following our call yesterday I'm going to
       a) create a new subtask of the toplevel JIRA to capture this list of best practices 
       b) copy the content into a test file 

       c) remove the content from this wiki and leave a placeholder until refined and agreed

       d) submit through the review board tool so that we can collect and review comments

      I'll take into the account the useful comments you made above - can you give me a day or so and then we continue on RB?