Getting Started

To propose code changes, you should be familiar with the Git / Github workflow, including:


Here's a convenient .git/config file that shows how to:

  • Set up branches
  • Limit fetched branches to master only
  • Fetch PRs from upstream
  • Configure alias to show a pretty formatted git log.

If you have more simple and useful configs to add, feel free to comment on gist.

How to create a pull request

To create a new pull request, follow the next steps:

  1. Fork the repo
  2. Clone your fork, for example:

    $ git clone${GITHUB_USERNAME}/beam
    $ cd beam
  3. Add an upstream remote for apache/beam to allow syncing changes into your fork: 

    $ git remote add upstream
  4. Create a local branch for your changes: 

    $ git checkout -b someBranch
  5. Make your code change.
  6. Add unit tests for your change.
  7. Ensure tests pass locally.
  8. Commit your change including a reference to the Github issue:

    $ git add <new files>
    $ git com
    $ git -am "Description of change (resolves #12345)"
  9. Push your change to your forked repo 

    $ git push --set-upstream origin YOUR_BRANCH_NAME
  10. Browse to the URL of your forked repository and propose a pull request.

  11. Find a committer to review, and mention them by adding R: @username to the review comments

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