How to add Jira to Chrome Search Bar

To search for Jira issues directly from the Google Chrome search bar, you can add Jira as a custom search engine:

  1. Go to Settings > Manage Search Engines > Other Search Engines > Add.
  2. Fill out the info as follows, using whatever keyword you prefer.  

  3. Search with the Chrome Search bar by beginning the query with your keyword. For example:
  • "j BEAM-1234" will take you to that specific issue.
  • "j beam unresolved <username>" will show unresolved issues assigned to <username>.

Edit search engine window for Chrome

How to add JIRA search to Firefox search

Firefox uses a format called OpenSearch so we need to generate an installable XML:

  1. Go to
  2. Fill the sections:
    the search name: Beam Issues
    the front search term:
  3. Click Make search plug-in to generate an URL.
  4. Go to the URL. This installable URL searches for
    Beam issues.
  5. Click Opensearch plug-in Beam Issues to install it.
  6. Configure a keyword for a quick search on Firefox preferences.
    1. Go to Preferences > Search.
    2. Scroll down to Search Shortcuts.
    3. Double-click on the Keyword column for the search engine you want to assign a shortcut to.
    4. Enter your search shortcut keyword. For example: b

How to integrate Intellij/Pycharm

To jump directly to a BEAM-NNNN JIRA issue referenced in the code using the Declaration (ctrl+b / ctrl-left click) shortcut.

  1. Go to settings and find Issue Navigation.
  2. Add a new entry with:
    Issue ID:  BEAM-\d+
    Issue Link:$0

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