Setup Tips for Prerequisites

The following steps can help to set up the environment listed in the Contribution guide

For MacOS

  1. Install Java 8, Go 1.12, pyenv and Docker using homebrew.
    1. Check the following tutorial How to install Java 8 on Mac.
  2. Use pyenv to install the python versions, 3.7, 3.8.

    So far, 3.6 is throwing errors.

  3. Use pip (installed when installing pyenv) to install setuptools, virtualenv, and tox.
  4. Clone the apache beam project from 

    using main branch. 

    1. cd into the /beam root project
  5. Execute the following commands:

    ./gradlew projects
    ./gradlew tasks
  6. To make sure Java environment is correctly installed, execute:
    ./gradlew -p sdks/java/io/cassandra check
    ./gradlew -p runners/flink check

For Windows

(in construction) 


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