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Beehive-interested folks attending

(What's your name?, Hackathon?, When will you be there?, Where are you staying?, Contact info such as cell phone/YIM/IRC)

  • Cliff Schmidt
  • Mike Foster
  • Michael Merz
  • Rich Feit
  • Eddie O'Neil (+ Hackathon)
  • Ken Tam
  • Kyle Marvin
  • Zach Smith
  • Julie Zhuo
  • Heather Stephens
  • Dan Diephouse (+Hackathon +YIM=daniel_diephouse +cell=6163183474)
  • Hoi Lam
  • Bryan Che

V1 Alpha release for ApacheCon

The Apache Beehive will ship a V1Alpha for Apachecon 2004.

Beehive at ApacheCon

Links of interest to Beehive Committers

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