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Beehive Controls

Beehive Controls are a lightweight component model for J2EE, based on the standard J2SE J'*_avaBeans model and extended with J2SE 5.0 / JSR-175 annotations.

Open Specifications

Feature / specification proposals should be posted here for discussion. Documents that are substantially developed will be moved into svn and made available from the project web site.

  • Assembly and Binding: Definition of "assembly", a build-time stage where controls can do code-gen and side-effect their J2EE container. Discusses an approach to allowing users to specify implementation bindings for control types.
  • Controls Packaging: Describes the base JAR packaging model for controls, how it relates to J_*'avaBeans packaging and introspection, and the annotation syntax for setting manifest and descriptor information.
  • Controls Threading Model: Describes the threading model for control users and developers.
  • Controls Versioning: Describes the annotations and semantics around versioning of controls source artifacts.
  • Implementing Annotation-based Programming Model Features: Describes a general mechanism for adding annotation-based features to the controls programming model via J_'_'avaBean contextual services.
  • System Controls: A set of starter controls to make the runtime more generally useful out of the box. Beehive includes four "system" controls – JDBC, JMS, EJB, and web services.
  • Testing Controls
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