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ApacheCon 2014 meetups and agenda


If you want to participate: RSVP via a twitter message with #asfbigtop or an email to

Bigtop community will hold two events during ApacheCon in Denver, CO:

Meetups will take place in the Teller Room, @ApacheCon, Westin Hotel, Denver

Special thanks to Jay Vyas for putting this venue together!

Special guests:

We have two special guests coming to the meetup: GridGain and OSv.
Both are extremely cool pieces of technology that Bigtop community can
potentially benefit from. Our guests will explain both pieces of technology
in greater details, but here's a few links to whet your appetite:

April 7th, 6 pm agenda:

  • Lightning talks:  What your bigdata distro uses bigtop for, and what you want to see bigtop support in the future.

  • GridGain: 20 minute introduction.

  • OSv: 30 minutes introduction.

  • Docker expose: 30 minutes.

April 8th 6pm agenda:

  • Bigtop 0.8.0

    • what's left?

    • lets make it happen!

  • Improving the CI: BIGTOP-1249 ~ we need to auto evaluate formatting in patches

  • Maybe a gradle lightning talk ?

  • Share bigtop development tooling :  How do you create patches? (i can show how i use vagrant, others…?).

  • A talk about bigtop_toolchain?

  • Next generation Bigtop packaging and deployment in the Cloud

    • Docker (or containers in general)

    • OSv

  • Prototyping OSv deployment of Hadoop via Bigtop 

  • Prototyping Docker-based CI infrastructure

     Other topics

  • BigPetStore status: BIGTOP-1089 ~ if i can drum up some interest, ill walk through the demos.

  • Gradle: BIGTOP-1201 - gradle packaging (RPMs are completed now).

  • Vagrant and Docker: BIGTOP-1178 - lets try to get this in, its been tested.  We can look into details further.

  • BigTop on Docker:  What should BIGTOP-1154 look like ?


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