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Using this page as a catchall for notes and ideas for new website design and content.


Some Seed Content to Work From


Getting Started "Tutorials"

Using these pages and site section for quick but informative tutorial steps to carry out certain bigtop usage and tasks, some rough ideas to be expanded upon.  Idea is that each getting started entry would be series of steps and commands for users to carry out a common task(s).

    • Build bigtop local repository
    • Add a test to existing bigtop component
    • Generate reference test data with bigpetstore
    • Spin up docker container to run tests....
    • Setup Jenkins project like apache CI...
    • Build specific version of components (example something like "how to build spark 2.0, with hdfs xyz")
    • Install released bigtop packages
    • Contribute a new component
    • Contribute a new Getting Started Tutorial...
    • more to be added..


Powered By

Currently using logos in mock design, need to work through approval process(es) in order to use in new site production deployment


We can borrow from the original faq page and flush out updated version

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Bigpetstore Config Generator

This stems from conversation back at apachecon in late 2015 around a simple web gui that will allow users to enter some basic params and selections, and page would generate a downloadable json config file instead of having to craft by hand from scratch

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