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Even though Bigtop project manages its own website via Mave's site plugin the deployment still needs to happen by committing to the svnpubsub.

If you want to update Bigtop's website, here's a set of steps you need to go through:

  • Open a JIRA ticket under the website component that describes the desired changes.

  • Checkout our official ASF git repo:

    git clone
  • Make the desired changes under ./src/site.
  • Build and test the result:

    mvn site:site
    mvn site:run
    firefox http://localhost:8080
  • When satisfied, commit back to the official git repo:

    git commit -am 'BIGTOP-XXXX. <Your comment>'
    git push
  • The deploy command may fail due to missing subversion credentials. To circumvent that, see here.
    To setup proper credential before deploying the code to SVN, REPLACE oflebbe to your account:

    --- a/pom.xml
    +++ b/pom.xml
    @@ -492,7 +492,7 @@
    -      <url>scm:svn:</url>
    +      <url>scm:svn:</url>
  • Now it is time to actually publish the website:

    mvn -Dpassword=xxxxxx site-deploy #yes, dash, not a colon
  • This will deploy the generated website to /www/ on You can SSH there to check that things look OK.
    • If you do not have SSH access to, you may skip this step and verify your changes in the next step.
  • Once the deployment is done you need to publish the new website.
    • Login to and click the (warning) "Publish bigtop site" link. Otherwise the content won't get propagated.
    • On the publish page, you will see a "View Diff" link.  Click this to ensure the staged changes are acceptable.
    • If the diff looks OK, add a log message about what changed and click "Submit".
  • It will take an hour or so for the website to become live, but you can inspect the website by temporarily setting your browser proxy to see the new, unmirrored content (I used FoxyProxy in Firefox) as described in 
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