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The integration and system tests' source files are contained in bigtop/bigtop-tests/test-artifacts. The tests use the JUnit testing framework and are written in Java or Groovy.

Inside bigtop/bigtop-tests/test-artifacts, users can build the test jars. For example, if a user wants to build the hadoop test jars and store them in the local maven repository, the user can do the following:

user@host:~/bigtop/bigtop-tests/test-artifacts/hadoop$ mvn install -DskipTests

Test resources, such as data and scripts, are located in bigtop/bigtop-tests/test-artifacts/<project-name>/src/main/resources.

bigtop/bigtop-test-framework contains utilities to perform test execution as well as utilities that help in writing tests, such as a wrapper to run shell commands.

Running the tests

Running integration, system, and package tests

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