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Footballs have been flying through the air at a prolific pace, but the ground game is finally making more than just a token appearance in NFL offenses.

Football is America's favorite sport by a wide margin. There are more than three million kids who play youth football, more than one million high school football players, more than 600 college football teams with more than 67,000 players, as well as all their parents and siblings. There are 185 million NFL fans and 163 million college football fans, according to the 2012 ESPN Sports Poll. For more than four decades, according to The Harris Poll, the NFL has been the most popular sport in America, and football (professional and college) is the favorite sport of nearly half of America's sports fans (45 percent). Together We Make Football – Your Story is seeking stories that show why the millions who play and watch at all levels love the game, from the backyard to the Super Bowl, from Friday Night Lights to Thanksgiving Turkey Bowls, and everything in between.

Watch Sunday's Live Match Detroit Lions vs Chicago Bears Online Tv Now

Todays Match Schedule

NFL Football 2013 Regular Season Week 4
Detroit Lions vs Chicago Bears Live
Date: sunday, September 29, 2013
Time: 01:00 pm ET
Stats: Live

NFL Week 3 Sunday Studs and Duds

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Week 3 left us with fewer wrinkles and slightly longer fingernails. After 22 of the first 32 games this season were decided by fewer than eight points, the majority of Sunday's games were double-digit blowouts.

The New York Giants absorbed a 38-0 licking from the Carolina Panthers. It got so ugly at CenturyLink Field that the Seattle Seahawks played backup quarterback Tarvaris Jackson for the final 18 minutes, 54 seconds of their 45-17 victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars. And even one of the closer games, the New York Jets' 27-20 victory over the Buffalo Bills, wouldn't have been that close were it not for the Jets' team-record 20 penalties.

No further setup is needed for our weekly take on Sunday's best and worst performers:

Detroit Lions vs Chicago Bears Live Sunday Night Exclusive Match

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