Enrico, Charan, Kishore, Francesco, Sijie, Jia


  • Discuss Docker Image
  • Discuss "Use Github Issues"
    • Apache is doing transfer from Github mirror to fully Github. Since it it not ready, We will try to use current Github mirror way. 
    • Opened a ticket to INFRA team, added question for issue/PR "assignment", waiting answers for the permissions.
  • Status update: 4.5.0, Merge DL to BK, ...
    • Some very old pull request need merge.
    • BookKeeper release 4.5.0
      • blocker issue: SSL feature, long poll feature.
      • Merge from Twitter's repo is almost done.
      • will happen in 2 weeks.
    • Merge DL
      • BookKeeper PMC approved, and DL PMC on-going.
      • DL merge as a sub-project of BK, mail-list and other things will still run individually. 
      • It will still need 2-3 weeks to do it.

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