• Current status of migration to GitBox/GitHub
  • Current status of 4.5 release
    • Can we draft a final list of issues to be included in 4.5 ?
  • WebSite migration proposal
  • Process to avoid duplication. (REST API from Salesforce vs http end point effort)



Flavio,  JV, Dustin, Sam, Enrico, Matteo, Charan


  • Talked about the switch to GitHub/Gitbox, now GitHub is the primary repo,
    we talked about how to enable GitHub integration with Apache ID of committers and the private team of bookkeeper committers on GitHub
  • Discussion about creating PR + issues:
    • Enrico: it is not very user-friend
    • Flavio: we should have issues in order to have a clear change log, we need a standard way to track the origin of the issue
    • There is general consensus about having PR  + issues
    • Flavio suggests to have design discussions on the issue and leave comments on the PRs
  • Release 4.5.0:
    • Missing some performance improvements from Yahoo, some API issue to be merged in 4.5 and then we can postpone other improvement to 4.6
    • Most of the feature from Salesforce are in
    • Enrico wants to add runtime minimal support for Java9 for 4.5
    • Need to wait for patches from Twitter branch in order to support DistributedLog
  • Release management: Flavio suggests:
    • Release manager should go to JIRA and mark blockers issue in JIRA/GitHub for the release
    • We need to start a discussion on the mailing list in order to decide the release manager and start the process
  • Process to avoid duplication: Let's use the BookKeeper Proposal
  • Web end point:
    • Salesforce is using a REST/http endpoint to pull configs
    • Matteo says Prometheus already exposes an HTTP endpoint
    • Dustin from SF will see Twitter PRs
    • Matteo says it would be better to have some HttpServlet to deploy on the preferred container, Enrico agrees
    • Flavio remarks it is better not to introduce third party dependencies without reasons
  • We will discuss how to merge current ready pull requests on the mailing list, we want not to rebase every patch


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