• Status of 4.5 release
  • Status of Bookkeeper Docker image
  • Check-style issues
  • Code-coverage issue
  • Http server issue (see discussion on previus meeting 2017-06-29 Meeting Notes
  • Changing the description of Apache BookKeeper
  • Other issues and PRs



Flavio, Enrico, Kishore, JV, Francesco, Edward, Sam



  • Release Management: JV can be the release manager for 4.5
  • Checkstyle and javadocs: Flavio: it is important that if we leave TODOs we add links to JIRAs/github issues
  • Code coverage:
    • Enrico is working with JaCoCo and Cobertura and Coveralls.io. DistributedLog is using Cobertura and Coveralls.io, this is the way
    • Flavio reported that they are using another tool (CodeCov), but it not important which tool we are going to use, it is good to have such kind of QA tools in the project
  • Performance drop from 4.4 to 4.5:
    • Enrico reported that is it not really clear if there is a performance drop
    • Using of v2 protocol there is a better use of memory
    • Netty 4 works in a really different way from Netty3 (more direct memory, more memory pooling), so maybe we need different JVM tuning 
    • Kishore will take a look at Enrico's benchmarks, maybe he would be able to share the benchmarks done at Salesforce
  • Docker: Francesco: let's go on with the dicusssion on the mailing list. He (re-) started to work on the image
  • Enrico told about the ZooKeeper 3.5.3 upgrade, it is most about security issues, he is running it in production without problems


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