• Status of 4.5 release
  • 4.5.0 retrospective and onwards releases plan
  • New website comments?


Attendees: Andrey, Jia, JV, Matteo, Sam, Sijie, Yiming 


  • 4.5.0 Release:
    • Reviewed the 4.5.0 release notes
    • Closed the 4.5.0 votes.
    • JV and Sijie would work on the final steps for 4.5.0 release
  • Improve documentation
    • BP-12 - Improve documentation
    • Sijie: would like committers to spend 20% time on helping on documentation
    • JV: would be good to divide the items and contributors can pick up the areas
  • Next Releases:
    • BP-13 - Time Based Release Plan
    • Sijie created a BP-13 for adopting kafka time based release plan, asked people to review it.
    • We should agree on the release plan and start 4.6.0 release.

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