• BP - 14 Relax durability
  • Nightly build for Docker image
  • BookKeeper version in use survey
  • Provide -all package regarding stats provider dependency.
  • Project status


Attendees: Andrey, Charan, Enrico, Francesco, Jia, JV, Sam, Sijie, Yiming


  • BookKeeper version - Enrico will send a list of questions for the survey. We will move forward after that
  • Provide -all package
    • provide a module  to do the assembly task
    • package default codahale, prometheus, and twitter-finagle for stats provider
    • package the existing http server implementation
    • Jia already filed the tickets for them
  • Discussed BP-14:
    • JV will send his proposal
    • Keep the discussion in email thread and google doc

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