Andrey, Charan, Francesco, JV, Sam, Zhimeng, Jia, Enrico, Yiming, Sijie


  • Charan asked why there is no "password" parameter in delete API, it would be useful to prevent accidental deletions of ledgers
    • Enrico answered that it is not a real security feature, it is stored in metadata, we can enhance the delete API (maybe a follow up of BP-15) with this additional check
  • Enrico presented briefly BP-14 and BP-15 proposal about Relax Durability and New Create Ledger API
  • Jia and Sijie presented the BP-16
    • We discussed about using gRPC, it is Protobuf and Netty based and it already hides the complexity of load balancing and other networking facilities
    • Charan, Sam and JV discussed about the fact this change will not increase scalability

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