• Patch merge status and plan from all contributors and committers.
  • Discuss merging the security changes.


JV, Sijie, Charan, Kishore, Zhimeng, Rithin


Discussed about pending pull requests.

  • Following are in Siji's queue and he is going to get to them by EOW.
    • Ledger placement policy from Rithin. He will have a look at it; Overall patch look good. Minor comments. He will try to merge in a day/two.
    • Explicit LAC. Discussed with JV, we are on the same page. This can go in now.
    • Long hierarchical ledger manager pull request looks good we will pull it in.
  • Kishore will review Enrico's START TLS code
    • Kishore is also working on adding Mutual TLS code.
    • Kishore says JDK SSL perf is quite bad. preliminary reports show OpenSSL is looking better.
    • Kishore also working on moving Netty to 4.1.7 level which has much better.
    • Plan: Kishore will review Enrico's code, JV will merge it; Kishore will build his patches on top of that.
Sijie mentioned that Matteo(yahoo) built a patch which implements some sort of backpressure on bookie based on the queue size.
JV to followup with Matteo.
Rithin queried if Twitter is trying network bandwidth as a metric for ledger placement.
Sijie said, busy with lifecycle management; So no time right now.

Discussed about Rithin's next change of distributing writes to write-quorum number of racks.
JV has questions about uneven distribution of bookies/rack may create hot spots. Rithin is going to look into it.
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