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JV, Ivan, Sam, Sijie



  1. Sijie and JV had a syncup about the metadata improvements that Sijie, Ivan and Jia are working on. Sijie and Ivan will shared the proposals with the community soon.
  2. Persistent Status on Bookies
    1. Sijie explained how it was used at Twitter for handling alerts happened at night.
    2. JV has concerns about it make operations complicated. But he is okay with this feature if by default it is disabled.
  3. New Ledger API
    1. Sijie asked JV and Charan to review it again
  4. JV and Charan should review PerChannelBookieClient changes.
  5. Discussion around cookie and empty disks
    1. JV suspected the cookie doesn't work when there is empty (or wiped-out) disk.
    2. Sijie and Ivan thought the bookie should reject start if missing cookies.
  6. JIRA to Github:
    1. Sam suggested improving the merging process by organizing the changes into smaller commits, specially for bug fixes.
    2. Sam suggested using github merge options and a web hook for validate the commit messages.
    3. Sijie: we might be looking into how to improve the merge script. currently merge script does squash commit, consider using rebase commit and reorganizing the commits.
  7. JV is writing a google doc around the cases related to durability and will share in the mail list.



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