1. Cookie Issue

2. Checkpoint Issue

3. JIRA to Github migration

4. Flaky Tests

5. Pull Requests



Charan, Enrico, Ivan, Sijie, Sam




  1. Cookie issue: we need to make sure zookeeper cookie is the source-of-truth. Ivan will fix this – he is organizing his sequence on fixing this issue while merging other yahoo changes.
  2. Checkpoint issue:
    1. Charan: it is an issue found when he is working on multiple-entry-logger changes
    2. Sijie: it is problematic on current master. try to look into historic changes to understand the problems. but we need to a fix for current master.
  3. Multiple Entry Logger
    1. Charan: working on multiple entry logger. it is an entry log file per ledger.
    2. Sijie: would like to learn performance comparison when sending out the pull request.
  4. JIRA to Github migration
    1. Ivan: it is done. filed a JIRA to infra to make BK JIRA readonly.
  5. Flaky Tests
    1. Ivan: setting up a spreadsheet to track the frequency of flaky tests.
  6. Release 4.6
    1. Enrico: hold the code freeze for 2 more weeks for merging relax durability changes.



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